Who we are

Safa CAN     

Born in 1986, Ankara.

He graduated from Middle Eastern Technical University with a B.A. in Statistics in 2009.

He briefly worked as a CRM data manager. He has experiences big data management and analysis. Creating smart database are his main responsibilities.

Afterwards, he joined Synovate as a Statistican in the Decision System Department. He experienced a lot of marketing research analysis. His department is globally makes statistical analysis for the surveys that needs advanced statistical background. Especially, he worked on segmentation and made these analysis for all Synovate ofices around the world. He included in almost all kind of projects from all industiries.

Then he transferred to more smaller marketting research company. In this way, he would master a whole process that starts with field to presentation for research companies. This made more comprehensible client views. Than he can creates statistical models or database models or software for all part of precess.

In 2012, he transferred to DORA Market Research.

In 2013 he founded Lapalace Research&Data Mining. For more than two years, his team have been consulting and assisting to companies.

As of in 2016 he joined Futurebright where worked as a Dp & Modelling Manager till March 2017.

In 2017, he goes back to Laplace Research&Data Mining.

He is a motorcycle aficionado. He plans long road trips whenever he finds the time.


Born in 1988, Ankara.

She received her degree in Political Sciences at Bilkent University in 2010. In 2011, she started studying for her master degree in the Social Anthropology Department of Ankara University.

In 2012, she started working as a researcher at the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey till 2014.

She completed her MBA at TOBB University of Economics and Technology in 2014 and she obtained her master degree with her dissertation titled “Assessment of the Online Shopping Sites Customer Masses in Terms of Lifestyles”.

In 2015, she moved to Istanbul and started working at Method Research Company. Upon her departure, she joined the FutureBright team in February 2016 to March 2017.

In 2017, she starts to work in Laplace Research&Data Mining.

Gözde loves to write. Therefore, she writes about what is pouring from inside her on her personal blog.

Gözde’s biggest dream is to become a part time academic instructor.

Gizem ERKOL    
Project Assistant

Born in 1994, İzmir.

She graduated from Psychology department in Yeditepe University in 2018. In same year, She has begun to work in Laplace Research & Data Mining.

Since 2015, Gizem has been studying on neuroscience with Dr. Daniela Schulz. Meanwhile, she has been attending psychobiology research in Boğaziçi University. She is aiming to explain human nature with her research on animal models about motivation, behaviour and perception topics. Furthermore, she is enhancing her research methods skills.

Gizem reads books of physics, science history and the philosophy of science. She is interested in theatre and music.

Gizem’s biggest dream is to become a neuroscientist and writer.

Ekin ERTAÇ    

Born in 1986, Ankara.

Recieved his B.A degree in Faculty of Fine Arts from Anadolu University.

He is a self-taught, full-stack developer whom well trained about Python, Javascript and it's frameworks. He has developed web applications using Django, Flask and AngularJS. He is a daily reader of HackerNews to keep his skills updated and fresh.

Familiar with software design methodologies like MVC, ORM, OOP, Design Patterns and REST API's.

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