• Field Consultancy.

    The begining of everything about quantitative research

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  • Data Management.

    Data Management for the Business Environment and Marketing Research

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  • Marketing Research.

    Powerful and effective insights delivered

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  • Statistical Consultancy.

    Modelling your data with a proper way

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Who we are?

The amount and variations of data being collected by companies today is massive. This exponential growth in collected data increases the demand for data analysis and the need to convert this information into usefull business processes and actionable plans to make smarter strategic decisions.

At this point Laplace Research can provide you with a customised service. We will be putting your needs in first priority with our boutique staff who have 3 years of active experience. We can provide new models to you so you can be differentiated. Also we can adapt these models to all your work.

We can give brief tables with rich modeling which were made with data collected from all kinds of sectors.


What we do?

Field Consultancy

We do research surveys at Laplace Research, a specialized firm with the in-house capabilities for all types of research projects.We provide comprehensive research surveys on multiple platforms, such as telephone, e-mail, web hosting or any combination.


Data Management

Find the solutions to your business problems by re-evaluating your data. As Laplace Research we will show you how our data managemnt services can improve your company’s performance.


Research Subjects

Laplace Research offers a wide range of products that can be adapted to the needs of any sector of activity.


Statistical Consultancy

Laplace Research has extensive experience designing and conducting research studies, providing statistical data analysis, applying advanced statistical analysis methods, engaging in statistical sampling for surveys of customers and markets, examining non-response bias, and briefly summarizing study findings for decision makers.

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